I am who God say I am

Welcome to my Blog

I would like to share with you what my closest friends say about me. Feel free to comment!!!

  • You posses something that all others just wish they had.
  • I am going to say that your biggest strength is that you are a firm believer of achieving goals for yourself. If you want something, you just go out and get it. You are truthful.
  • You tell it like it is, no cutting back, even if hurts that person you would rather be honest.
  • You are very bright and smart, you grasp things far better than anyone I know, you are a good listener.
  • Just think of all the multi languages you speak, that in itself is a great achievement.
    You are unique, one of a kind and I mean it, I have yet to see anyone with your attributes.
  • I would put you on a pedestal and write below here stands a perfect person, and when
    someone looks up in a dictionary the word perfect, they see a picture of you. (A.F.)
  • “Friendly, Ambitious, Personable and Passionate. Risk taker-No matter what I believe you are the type of person that tries something at least once. You are not afraid of failure but always look for the positive in things. You know what you want for yourself and your family and you are prepared to do whatever it takes to get there. Your most valuable asset I believe is that you have the “I can do it” attitude and once you find whatever it is that you are looking for there will be no stopping you. (R.C.M)

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